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The Eleventh International Conference on Post-Genomics Technologies (IFPT'11) will soon be held on October 22-October 23, 2021. For this conference, we have invited 27 world famous experts and scholars in the field of Post-Genomics Technologies, including 11 from China, 7 from Japan, 5 from the United States, 3 from Europe and 1 from Australia, to give wonderful speeches. They will bring us a rich feast of science in the fields of Post-genomics, Single molecule&Single cell technologies, Cell images & Target drugs and Gene nano-biology technologies, respectively.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this international conference will be held online and open to all interested scientists and students through free registration.

Even if you can't get to the scene, your enthusiasm for learning will not be affected. We are looking forward to your participation in the new mode of online and offline academic exchange.

You can registrate this conference through send a email to with your personal information .

Registration also can be finished online directly. Please click the link below to register. We will provide you with a live link to the conference.

If you have already registered via email and received a successful registration reply, do not re-register via this link.

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The 21st century is the era of post-genome technology. In this era, many active and cutting-edge research fields, such as genomic analysis, nanobioscience, bioinformatics, etc, have been emerging. With the rapid development of genomic technologies, the new concepts and new methods have been developed rapidly in post-genomic field, such as, high-throughput, cross-omics to single molecule, single cell technologies, transcriptome to epi-genomics, haplotype assembly to meta-genomics and environmental genomics, precision medicine to system medicine, which create multiple ascending plateaus of both academic researches and clinical practice in life science.   

At the beginning of this century, in order to enhance international academic exchanges in genomic technologies, promote cooperation, and cultivate young scientists, Professor Hideki Kamihara, Fellow of Hitachi Production Co., Ltd., initiated and launched the International Forun for Post-Genome Technologies (IFPT) in China. Prof. Guohua Zhou and Prof. Zuhong Lu have successfully organized and held the ten conferences of the series in Xi'an (2002), Nanjing (2004), Guilin (2005), Hangzhou (2006), Suzhou (2007), Beijing (2009), Chongqing (2011), Kyoto (2012), Shenzhen (2013) and Nanjing (2018).

Due to the pandemic situation, the Eleventh International Academic Forum on Post-Genome Technology (IFPT’11) will be held online in October 2021. We plan to invite about 30 scholars in the international post-genomic fields to give plenary lectures, and invited talks and oral presentations. The conference will award the best papers to young researchers.

IFPT’11 will be a high-level interdisciplinary academic exchange in state-of-art development of various new genomics technologies, which welcome scientists and students in physics, chemistry, biology, engineering, mathematics, and the other disciplines who interests to develop new methods and technologies in post-genome field.   


1.       Genome, transcriptome, epigenome and the relatedtechnologies

2.       Proteomics, metabolomics and the other-omics technologies

3.       Bioinformatics and data-analytic technologies

4.       Microarray/microfluidic technologies

5.       Single molecule, single cell technologies

6.       Novel coronavirus and other viral genomic technologies

7.       Gene nano-biology technologies

8.       Human single cell atlas technologies

9.       Cell images and target drugs

10.   Genome editing and gene therapies target   

Conference Date:

October 22 (Friday) -- October 23(Sunday), 2021

This conference will be held online by ZOOM.