Invited Speaker



Lingqian Chang

Beihang University, China

Single Cell Micro-/Nano-Chip

Xianjun Dong

Harvard Medical School, USA

Decoding the dark matters in the human genome

Rong Fan

Yale University, USA

Spatial Multi-Omics Sequencing at Tissue Scale and Cellular Level

Jian Han

HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology, USA

Adaptome: NGS of T and B cell receptor for biomarker development

Jing He

University of Oxford, UK

Graph isomorphism based Structural Similarity Measurement and Its Applications with Covid-19 Genome Sequencing

Hou Yong

BGI-Shenzhen, China

Large field of view-spatially resolved transcriptomics at nanoscale resolution

Masahito Hosokawa

Waseda University, Japan

Development of technologies for single-cell genome sequencing of uncultured microbes

Huangxian Ju

Nanjing University, China

Theranostics of Cancer with Gene Recognition

Zuhong Lu

Southeast University, China

Deciphering the reef-building coral systems from the genomes and single-cell transcriptomes

Fumihito Miura

Kyushu University, Japan

Toward overlaying multiple epigenomes on the methylome

Yukio Nagasaki

University of Tsukuba, Japan

Novel drug development based on self-assembly

Hiroyuki Noji

University of Tokyo, Japan

Digitizationof Bioassays

Kennedy Omondi Okeyo

Kyoto University, Japan

Discerning the differentiation potential of human pluripotent stem cells by modulating the adhesion microenvironment

Hanchuan Peng

Southeast University, China

Whole Brain Analysis of Single Neurons

Zongtai Qi

Washington University, USA

Self-reporting transposons enable simultaneous readout of gene expression and transcription factor binding in single cells

Ruirui Qiao

The University of Queensland, Australia

Polymeric/inorganicnanohybrids: attractive materials as molecular imaging probes

Xiaoliang Sun

University of Vienna, Austria

Inverse Data-Driven Modeling and Multiomics Analysis Reveals Phgdh as a Metabolic Checkpoint of Macrophage Polarization and Proliferation

Eiichi Tamiya

Osaka University, Japan

Single cell devices for novel immunological diagnosis

Jian Xu

Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Ramanome, FlowRACS and RACS-Seq: linking single-cell metabolic phenome   and genome for synthetic biology and precision medicine

Yao Yang

Stanford University, USA

Application of Long-read Sequencing in Pharmacogenetics Research and   Clinical Genetic Testing

Guohua Zhou

Nanjing University, China

A rapid and highly sensitive method for multiplexed detection of single protein molecules

Xiangwei Zhao

Southeast University, China

Microscopic sampling based spatial transcriptomics at single cell scale

Bingjie Zou‍‍

ChinaPharmaceutical University, China

Structure recognition endonuclease-based colorimetric detection ofnucleic acids