Prof.Xiangwei Zhao

Issuing time:2021-09-18 22:11



Xiangwei Zhao




State Key Laboratory of bioelectronics,   School of biological Science and Medical engineering, Southeast University


100-word   biography:

Xiangwei Zhao is a professor of State Key   Laboratory of Bioelectrtonics, Southeast University. His research focus on   biomedical detection and analysis based on micro/nanotechnology, including   biophotonics, spatial transcriptomics, brain organoids, POCT, etc. He has   published more than 70 peer reviewed papers, 20 issued patents and won the   First Prize of Natural Science of the Ministry of Education and Gold Medal of   the Geneva International Invention Exhibition.


Microscopic sampling based spatial transcriptomics at single cell scale


Transcriptome reflects which genes are   actively being up- and downregulated. With the development of single-cell RNA   sequencing, it became possible to measure transcriptomes at a single-cell   resolution. However, the spatial position of the cell in the tissue is also a   very important trait that associated with the development and cell types,   which single cell RNA sequencing could not provide. Therefore, spatial   transcriptomics (ST), which could tell “who” and “where”, attract more and   more attentions. Although there are kinds of ST techniques, many challenges   still remain to be addressedMicrodialysis, among which the data yield per   position is of great importance. More data means much more information and   cost-effeciency. In this presentation, we would like to introduce techniques   of microscopic sampling of tissue samples with spatial informations in low   and middle throughput means and the subsequent sequencing pipeline for high   transcriptomic data yield, as well as the future of high content ST.


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