Prof. Jian Han


Jian Han


Faculty Investigator


HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology


100-word   biography:

Dr. Han graduated from the Suzhou Medical   College and went to the US to obtain his Ph.D. in Medical Genetics from the   University of Alabama and Birmingham. He became lab director and assistant   professor at UAB before his entrepreneur ventures. He invented   several multiplex PCR technologies and used   them to start a number of biotech companies, including Genaco, Diatherix,   iCubate, and iRepertoire.


Adaptome: NGS of T and B cell receptor for biomarker development


In 2009, we first reported and patented   methods to profile immune repertoire. Now, with quantitative and sensitive   dam-PCR technology, we can sequence all 7 chains of T and B cell receptors in   one reaction to obtain the “Adaptome” information. The presentation will   discuss applications in immune oncology, monoclonal antibody development via   single cell sequencing, cell therapy, vaccine evaluation, MRD, and disease   specific diagnostics, including COVID-19.