With the completion of the Human Genome Project in the 21st century, we have officially entered the era of post-genome technology. The rapid development of genomic technology is one of the fastest-growing and most influential cutting-edge technologies in the field of biomedical science. From high-throughput to single-molecule, from single-cell to multi-omics, from precision medicine to systems medicine, technologies in the post-genome era have triggered major changes in life science and medical research models, as well as medical clinical practice and related industries, providing a strong guarantee for human life and health.

At the beginning of this century, in order to enhance academic exchanges in the field of advanced genomic technologies in the international academic community and cultivate innovative young talents, under the proposal and active promotion of Professor Hideki Kamihara, Fellow of Hitachi Production Co., Ltd., Professor Lu Zuhong and Professor Zhou Guohua have organized and held eleven conferences of the series of   International   Conference on Post-Genommic Technologies in Xi'an (2002), Nanjing (2004), Guilin (2005), Hangzhou (2006), Suzhou (2007), Beijing (2009),   Chongqing(2011), Kyoto (2012), Shenzhen (2013), Nanjing(2018) and Nanjing (2021).

Affected by the epidemic, the 12th International Conference on Post-Genommic Technologies is scheduled to be held online in October 2022.   This conference will focus on the status and future of various emerging genomic technologies, providing a high-level interdisciplinary academic exchanges platform for researchers from all over the world. We warmly welcome researchers in the field of genome technology and related disciplines such as physics, chemistry, biology, engineering, and mathematics to attend the conference.



1.       Genome, transcriptome, epigenome and the relatedtechnologies

2.       Proteomics, metabolomics and the other-omics technologies

3.       Bioinformatics and data-analytic technologies

4.       Microarray/microfluidic technologies

5.       Single molecule, single cell technologies

6.       Novel coronavirus and other viral genomic technologies

7.       Gene nano-biology technologies

8.       Human single cell atlas technologies

9.       Cell images and target drugs

10.     Genome editing and gene therapies target   

Conference Date:

October 20 (Thursday) -- October 21(Friday), 2022

This conference will be held online by ZOOM.