Prof. Eiichi Tamiya

Issuing time:2021-10-09 20:53

EiichiTAMIYA, Ph.D.

Executive Director,

    NationalInstitute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology

    AdvancedPhotonics and Open Innovation Laboratory

Research Professor,

Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research, OsakaUniversity

Emeritus Professor,

   OsakaUniversity, Japan Advanced Institute of Technology


1980 B.Sci. in Chemistry,Faculty of Science, Osaka University

1982 M.S. in Science andEngineering, Graduated School, Tokyo Institute of Technology

1985 Ph.D. in Science andEngineering, Graduated School, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Professionalcareer :

1985-1987    Assistant Professor, Tokyo Institute ofTechnology

1987-1988    Associate Professor, Tokyo Institute ofTechnology

1988-1993    Associate Professor, The University of Tokyo

1993-2007    Professor,Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

2007-2020    Professor,Department of Applied Physics, Osaka University

2017-present   Executive Director,   National Institute of Advanced   Industrial   Science   and Technology.                           Advanced Photonics and Open Innovation Laboratory

2020-present   Research Professor, Institute of Scientificand Industrial Research, Osaka University

Researchprojects :

1. Biochips and biosensors

2. Nanotechnology basedbioscience and engineering

3. Biomass energyconversion systems, biobattery

4. POC (point-of-care)biosensors for medical diagnosis, food safety and environmental


5. Cell based chips fortissue and stem cell engineering

Honorsand awards :

1. Progressive Award foryoung researchers   (The Chemical Societyof Japan, 1989)

2. IndustrialCollaboration Promotion Award (Ishikawa Prefecture,2000)

3. New technology andproduction Award (Small and Medium Enterprise Agency, 2001)

4. Ichimura Academic Award(The New Technology Development Foundation, 2005)

5. Invention EncouragementAward of Minister of Education, Culture, Sports and Science (2010)

6. Osaka UniversityPresidential Awards for Achievement (2014)

7. Nakatani Award (GlandPrix), Nakatani Foundation (2016)

8. Fellow Award, JapanSociety of Applied Physics(2020)

9. JSAC Award, JapanSociety of Analytical Chemistry (2021)


Originalpaper : 393   Book : 112   Review articles : 130 Patents (granted) : 108   h-index (Scopus) : 64

Title:Single cell devices for novel immunologicaldiagnosis

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