Prof. Qingming Luo


undefinedAcademician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

undefined Hainan University and Wuhan National Laboratory for Optoelectronics

    Luo has made great achievements in biological structure, functions, and multi-molecular event information acquisition. He invented the micro-optical sectioning tomography technology and applied it to the three-dimensional map of neuronal connections across mouse brains. His whole-brain mesoscopic mapping system has been used in the research of neuron types, neural circuits, and cerebral diseases.

    In addition, Luo has developed the multi-channel near-infrared optical imaging method for brain function, which can detect the fast signals of neural activity in the visual cortex. He has also come up with a temporal contrast analysis method to increase the spatial resolution of laser speckle blood flow imaging by five times.

    In the field of optical molecular imaging, Luo realized the imaging of the interaction between multiple pairs of proteins in living cells via fluorescent molecular probes.